A Poem About Canvas, Brush, Palette and Paint

Canvas is made to be painted
It can’t be blank forever
Put your colorful paint on the palette
And start to paint with a brush on the canvas
After you finished your paint, you’re gonna see:
“Some portrayals are wonderful
but some portrayals are bad”
When the paints are spilled, you can’t erase it
All you can do is to throw the canvas and start the new painting
or to cover the spilled paint with another color and your brush
 You can’t draw the same portrayals everyday
It must be different portrayal in different canvas
And so what does it mean?
Analogize your life to the canvas, your mind to the brush, the place that you belong to the palette and the occurence that you face to the colorful paint
Your life is filled by your mind with the occurence that you face in the place that you belong
But every portrayal ain’t wonderful, so does your life
You make your portrayals
You decide the color to paint on your canvas
It means you decide the occurence that you face in your life
If you wanna paint a wonderful portrayal on your canvas

You just gotta choose a great paint to draw


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